design assist
design assist


The exterior façade is critical to the long term performance and serviceability of your building

Design Assist

Our preconstruction services include in-house engineering with BIM modeling capabilities. KHS&S can provide our clients with an experienced staff focused solely on exterior cladding from initial design through final installation. During the preconstruction phase, our engineers will analyze how individual panel components may react to environmental factors and engineer a cladding system that not only addresses these factors, but also how the materials surrounding the cladding system will respond.

The importance of a properly engineered building skin cannot be underestimated as it is not only critical to the long term performance and serviceability of that structure, but can also enhance the building’s aesthetic qualities. Not only are panel to panel joints frequently engineered to be close in size to the cladding material joints, creating a seamless installation, but panel systems can even be engineered to accommodate a running bond pattern, further disguising the panel to panel joints.