Material Selection
Material Selection


The Cygnus Panel System enables an architect or owner to use a variety of materials without compromising the design intent or integrity of the design

Technical Specifications

The Cygnus Panel System is a cost-effective, lightweight, cladding system which can be designed to include moisture barriers and weep systems. This system is comprised of a galvanized metal stud frame sheathed with 1-1/2” deep type B roof deck to which thin veneer (tile or stone) is adhered. When a thicker cladding is utilized (such as 2 cm stone), stainless steel dead load anchors are incorporated into the system for additional support.

  • These specifications can be found in our CAD & SPEC DOWNLOADS section.

Key Features Include:

  • Average weight:

  • – 12 lbs/SF for 1cm tile;

    – 18-20lb/SF for 2cm stone.

  • The structural silicone incorporated into the system eliminates many of the following problems:

  • – Cracking

    – Leaching

    – The efflorescence of tile joints

  • Tile specifications

  • Stone Specifications

  • System has been approved by:

  • – ICBO | CABO | BOCA | Southern Building System.